Doing your research is essential to choosing the right Resume Service, or even writing one yourself, so we’ve included some helpful Resume Tips that we hope will make your decision a little clearer. These resume tips are provided to give you some guidance when choosing a resume service, or when you’ve decided to write your own.

Resume Tips (Using A Resume Service)

Consider another resume service if they tell you:

A resume must be one-page.

Reason: Most people today have extensive work histories within various job groups or disciplines. Trying to keep a resume to one page is many times impossible as you will ultimately be eliminating valuable information that could qualify you for a given position. Why shortchange yourself by minimizing skills or experiences that may be relevant to an employer. Two-page resumes are perfectly acceptable when concise and to the point. Never go beyond two pages except for a curriculum vitae.

Create multiple resumes for multiple job opportunities.

Reason: Your work history is a fixed point of reference. The experiences you have gained are directly related to the individual positions you have held. They should not be altered to fit positions for which you are applying. If you possess moderate, limited or minimal experience for a position, do not modify your resume to fit the position as you will dilute your specific skill sets thus becoming an unattractive candidate. If you have a quality resume product your skills will be noticed. Utilize the cover letter as the transitional document explaining why your specific skills relate directly to the prospective employers needs. This will get you noticed. As always, be truthful, forthright and precise in describing your skills and experiences.

The cover letter should describe your personal attributes and traits.

Reason: Many employers utilize the cover letter to pre-screen resumes and applicants. You must make your first impression within 60 seconds of the prospective employer opening your letter. The first thing they see is the cover letter. The cover letter should summarize your skills and experiences as listed within the resume. If your cover letter states “I work well with others” and “I am a team player” you have given the reader no information detailing why you are the qualified candidate. Besides aren’t most people a “team player” when looking for a new job. Give them want they want. Utilize the cover letter as a synopsis of your resume.

Your resume will cost under $75.00. We use resume wizards.

Reason: Any legitimate resume service like Action Resume Service┬ácustom writes it resumes and cover letters for clients. This is a specialized skill that requires time and effort to give you the best results. Don’t be fooled by low price services. Action Resume Service resume prices range between $135 and $275 depending on complexity. Other services range between $55 and $600. While there may be some excellent services offering low prices, they are few and far between. Most of those low price services will plug your resume information into a store bought resume wizard to create your document. You can do that yourself. Remember: You Get What You Pay For! If you want a professionally written document use Action Resume Service. If not us, review your choices and make an informed decision.

Resume Tips (Writing Your Own Resume)

  1. Create timeline outlines for your work history, education, special training, computer skills and other relevant information. This will help you in coordinating your resume presentation and reduce the chance of leaving out important experiences and skills.
  2. Focus on the most important day to day functions within each job and eliminate duties that require a minimal amount of your workday. By doing this you will capture the reader’s eye without boring or turning them off to your resume.
  3. Be concise when writing your resume and quantify achievements where possible. Many people find it difficult to write about his/her self or they will write the resume in a narrative format or as if they are writing a book. Also, people tend to put down every little detail about each position they held whether relevant or not. Get To The Point! Define what it is really important to a potential employer and say it within one or two sentences. Short and to the point will get maximum notice within a limited resume review period.
  4. Utilize active sentence structure. Avoid prepositional phrases whenever possible. Utilize action verbs to begin a sentence.
  5. Make sure your resume formatted properly for scanning purposes. Use font sizes in the 10 to 12 point range. Minimize italics, underlines and bullet points. Eliminate objective statements on the resume (except first time job seekers). Avoid using graphics and borders. Utilize job specific key words when possible. Use original print copies when mailing your resume.
  6. Utilize the cover letter, not the resume, as the transitional document explaining why you are applying and how your skills uniquely qualify you as the right candidate for the job.

Did You Know?

  • 80% of Action Resume Service clients receive an interview request or request for additional information within the first seven resumes submitted
  • Based on the time value of money theory, the hourly cost for a professional level candidate to write his/her own resume is $212.00 per $50K earned
  • Professionally written resumes and cover letters are 2.3 times more likely to receive interview requests or requests for additional information
  • It takes 8 to 12 hours for the average person to write his/her own resume