Free Resume Critique - Action Resume ServiceDo you have an existing resume but you are not getting the results you want? Then it’s time for a Free Resume Critique! Have Action Resume Service evaluate your resume and offer insight on how our full suite of resume services can turn your ineffective resume into one that gets you results.

Many times a good resume can be turned into a powerful resume by simply identifying minor areas of adjustment. Some of these areas may include resume format, grammar, punctuation, spelling, content, lack of active sentence structure or key word/phrase inclusion.

Start the process by having Action Resume Service provide you with a Free Resume Critique. We will review your resume and provide suggestions on how to improve your existing professional or executive resume yourself or, at your request, we will provide you with a firm price quote to have our professional staff make the changes for you. It’s Your Choice!

Don’t take chances that your executive or professional resume is missing the mark. Have Action Resume Service help turn your current resume into a Winning Resume!

For a Free Resume Critique or consultation on our full suite of resume services, email your resume to or call/fax us at any of the numbers below. There is no charge or obligation for this service.

Did You Know?

  • Free Resume Critiques from Action Resume Service generally find at least three areas of improvement per resume
  • It takes the average person 8 to 12 hours to write his/her own resume
  • 92% of all Hiring Managers consider resume content and presentation more important than the resume style.