Resume Cover Letters - Action Resume ServiceMost people applying for jobs today neglect what in many instances is the most important document in the job search process, the cover letter. The cover letter introduces yourself to the prospective employer, defines the position your applying for and details why your qualifications warrant further review.

It is important to remember that there are hundreds of applicants for any one position. Your cover letter needs to stand out. As such, your cover letter should be a finely structured synopsis of your resume highlighting specific aspects that qualify you for any given position.

In many cases people will send cover letters stating that “I am a great people person” and “I am well organized” etc. That’s fine but does that tell the decision maker if you have the specific skills they require? No, and besides, when applying for a job doesn’t everyone “work well with others” and become a “team player”.

The cover letter must specifically qualify you within the first paragraph and highlight your specific job skills and experiences. The prospective employer doesn’t have time to read every cover letter and resume to find out if you are the qualified candidate they desire.

Don’t let your resume end up in the dead pile. Give the decision-maker the relevant information he or she needs to make you a qualified candidate.

Help them and yourself by having a proper and professional cover letter written by Action Resume Service.

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      Did You Know?

      • Cover letters should be skill and accomplishment specific
      • A cover letter should be no longer than four paragraphs, contained within one page and readable within 60 seconds
      • Cover letters should be formally addressed to a person when possible and not the attention of "Who it May Concern" or "Dear Sir or Madam"