5139847759_811bc2e7e1When candidates being the process of determining whether or not to engage a professional resume writing service, the first comment posed by many candidates is, “Is contracting with a professional resume writing service worth my time and money?” If that thought has crossed your mind, take a moment to read more about the cost versus benefit proposition of professional resume writing services.

In many cases, candidates are reluctant to pay $100, $150, $250 or even $500 for a professional or executive resume even though they are not getting interview opportunities or the interview opportunities they desire. Why you ask? It’s because the candidates perception is, “For that price, I can do it myself.” The problem with that thought is, if you could do it yourself, you wouldn’t be asking “Why is my resume not getting me the volume of interview opportunities I expected?”

Think of the Cost/Benefit of a professionally prepared resume this way. For every $50,000 of salary earned, the Lost Interview Opportunity Cost of not getting that interview and potential job offer is $192.00 a day. If you multiply that number by the weeks or months you are not getting the interviews you desire and subsequent potential job offers, it is costing you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in potential salary. That lost opportunity cost is much more than the couple of hundred dollars a professional or executive resume would cost when done by a professional service.

Here is the bottom line. When looking for a new job, the first step is having a well written, concise and attention getting resume that gets you to the initial interview opportunity. If you are not currently getting those interviews, remember to consider the Cost/Benefit of a professionally created resume. We believe you will find the benefit will far outweigh the cost!

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