Recruiter identification can be the most time consuming and frustrating part of any job search. Finding the right recruiter with the right expertise is critical to effectively managing your employment search and getting your resume out to market. This is why we provide top quality resume marketing services, sure to get results!

Action Resume Service is a license holder to a database of 12,000 national and international recruiters with placement experience in 28 separate business sectors. With this database, Action Resume Service can identify only those recruiters with placement experience in your areas of interest or expertise.

We can organize your search by 28 primary and numerous secondary sorts. Primary sorts include recruiters with experience in:

Human Resources
Specialized Services
Information Technology
Materials Management
Real Estate

Telecommunications Biotech
International Business
Software Agriculture

Secondary sorts would be based upon but not limited to geography, salary, specialty areas, retainer or contingency firms with the company profiles provided to you as formatted below:

ABC Recruiting Company
123 Anystreet
Anywhere, PA 11111
(555) 111-1111
Mr. Bob Jones, President
email: Firm Type: Retainer Firm
Salary: $100K and above
Specialties: Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Manufacturing, Packaging

Once the search is complete, you can then take the information generated and contact those recruiters directly to discuss your employment ambitions and how the specific recruiter can assist you in your forward job search needs.

If you desire, you can also have Action Resume Service produce the contact list in a mail merge form so you can print labels or envelopes straight from your computer. You can also have Action Resume Service manage your targeted marketing campaign needs from initial contact through resume mailing or emailing (Additional fee charged).

This is the quickest and most cost effective way of marketing yourself to recruiters on a local, regional or national level.

Pricing Information

$2.00 per recruiter profile provided to the client in an Excel spreadsheet
$4.50 per recruiter profile with Action Resume Service managing the resume distribution process

Did You Know?

  • Less than 1% of all resumes posted on job boards ever receive an interview request.
  • A typical job search engine will find 10 to 40 new jobs per week.
  • 82% of all job seekers using the Internet never utilize a job search engine as part of a job search strategy.