Are you frustrated by searching those huge job boards like®, Hotjobs® or other similar sites without getting any results? Let us help you directly market yourself to key decision makers within specific companies by producing a targeted mailing list based upon your employment interests, read on to discover our vast Resume Marketing options.

Action Resume Service possesses a database of 750,000 nationwide companies in over 100 manufacturing, service and commercial sectors. This diverse database allows us to selectively target your specific company search parameters and sort out only those organizations that meet your submission criteria. We can organize your search by 6 primary and 40 secondary sorts. Primary sorts include:

Company/Institution Type
Company/Institution Size Geographic Location
Key Decision-Makers Product/SIC/NAICS Code
Contact Information

Once we have searched and identified the selected companies, we will provide you with the company profile including key decision maker names and contact information. Company profiles will include but not be limited to the following information as formatted below:

ABC Manufacturing Company
123 Anystreet
Anywhere, PA 11111
(555) 111-1111
Mr. Bob Jones, President
Company Profile: Manufacturer of Specialty Chemicals
SIC Code: 2700, NAICS Code: 51220 Mr. Bob Jones, President
Mr. Steve Smith, General Manager
Mrs. Ellen Davis, Human Resource Manager
Mr. Ed Allen, Sales and Marketing Manager
Mr. Rod Coleman, Plant Manager

Once the search is complete, you can then take the information generated and contact those key decision makers directly to discuss current company opportunities and your qualifications.

If you desire, you can also have Action Resume Service produce the contact list in a mail merge form so you can print cover letters, labels or envelopes straight from your computer and/or you can have Action Resume Service manage your company resume submission needs from initial contact through resume mailing/emailing (Additional fee charged).

This is the quickest and most cost effective way of obtaining key company contact information whether on a local, regional or national level. Remember, nothing can happen unless your resume is available to the key decision maker.

Pricing Information

$2.50 per company profile provided to the client in an Excel spreadsheet
$4.50 per company profile with Action Resume Service managing the resume distribution process

Did You Know?

  • Less than 1% of all resumes posted on job boards ever receive an interview request.
  • A typical job search engine will find 10 to 40 new jobs per week.
  • 82% of all job seekers using the Internet never utilize a job search engine as part of a job search strategy.