Action Resume Service is proud to introduce a new service to our line called Resume Blast. Resume Blast provides our clients with a quick and economical way to submit their resumes to up to 13,000 recruiting organizations servicing all career fields within the United States and overseas.

With Resume Blast, you can submit your resume to recruiters by state, region or on a nationwide basis to gain maximum resume distribution coverage at minimal cost.

How It Works

It’s easy! Contact Action Resume Service and tell us how you want to conduct your search. Your options are as follows:
Submit resume to all listed recruiters within one state and one specialty area:
Cost $99.00

Submit resume to all listed recruiters within one region and one specialty area:
Great Lakes (IL, MI, OH, WI, IN)
Midwest (MO, MN, NE, IA, KS, SD, ND)
Mid-Atlantic (PA, NJ, NY, MD, DE)
New England (MA, NH, VT, CT, ME, RI)
South (TN, AR, KY, WV)
Deep South (LA, AL, MS)
Southeast (GA, NC, FL, VA, SC)
Southwest (TX, NM, AZ, OK)
West Coast (CA, OR, WA)
West (ID, CO, UT, NV, MT)
Cost $129.00

Submit resume to all listed recruiters within the United States: (Best Value!)
(Up to 8,000 Recruiters)
Cost $199.00

Submit resume to all listed recruiters within the United States/Overseas:
(Up to 13,000 Recruiters)
Cost $299.00

Once service is selected, your resume will be submitted via email to all recruiters within the selected search. As the resumes are submitted, you will receive electronic confirmation that your resumes were sent to all recruiters in the search. Also, you will receive an Excel spreadsheet report detailing all relevant contact information for each recruiter. This information will include the name, address, phone/fax number and email address of each recruiter in your search and will be provide as in the example below.

ABC Recruiting Company
123 Anystreet
Anywhere, PA 11111
(555) 111-1111
Mr. Bob Jones, President
email: Retainer Firm
Salary: $100K and above
Specialties: Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Manufacturing, Packaging

Start submitting your resume to top recruiters today with a Resume Blast from Action Resume Service.

To start the Resume Blast process, please call us at any of the numbers below or email us at

Did You Know?

  • Less than 1% of all resumes posted on job boards ever receive an interview request.
  • A typical job search engine will find 10 to 40 new jobs per week.
  • 82% of all job seekers using the Internet never utilize a job search engine as part of a job search strategy.