LinkedIN Profile Set-up & Reviews

Technology and online resources for job seekers continue to expand and make marketing yourself easier than ever. One of the best business sites today to market yourself and establish business relationships is through LinkedIN. By having a quality LinkedIN profile, you are giving potential employers and professional contacts another way to find you and assess your credentials as a potential employee. It also allows you to interact with other business professional that may be able to help you in your job search.

Don’t limit yourself! Have Action Resume Service establish an effective LinkedIN┬áprofile that gets you noticed. If you already have a profile, have Action Resume Service review your profile to ensure you are effectively maximizing your online exposure.

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Did You Know?

  • Over 10,000 recruiters actively use Linkedin as a primary source of candidate acquisition
  • Your chance of having a recruiter contact you via Linkedin is increased by 77% if your profile includes an up to date resume/synopsis of your employment history
  • 39% of people using Linkedin fail to have an updated profile
  • 62% of people using Linkedin fail to have an updated profile, an active job search agent and have active participation in User Groups