In today’s competitive environment, having a well written and career specific information technology resume can be of extreme value as you look to advance in your profession. Information technology resume writing that focuses on core responsibilities and key accomplishments can be of significant value and help separate you from the crowd.  If you’re a salesperson looking to create an impactful resume, continue reading about how well structured information technology resume writing can make all the difference in landing your next job.

Information technology resumes come in all shapes and sizes but in general, they should focus on unique accomplishments and differentiating skill sets, not day-to-day responsibilities.   As one of the hundreds of candidates for a single position, focusing on day-to-day responsibilities will not separate you from the crowd, nor will it resonate with the prospective employer.  The question then becomes, how do I properly structure and package information technology resume content to maximize your job search.

In general, a good strategy in developing your resume is to break it down into five major components.  These components include the Professional Summary section, the Areas of Expertise section, the Work History section, the Professional Development section and the Education section.  In the Professional Summary section, focus on briefly defining your professional background and any major quantifiable or non-quantifiable accomplishments that will stand out to the reader.  This should be a macro overview of your experiences.

In the Areas of Expertise section, you want to highlight some specific experience areas that separate you from the competition.  This could include things like Information Technology Management, Project Management, Program Management, Technology Assessments, etc.  Where the summary is the macro overview, make sure the Areas of Expertise section is the micro overview.

Next, the Work History section should be short and concise, with each position focusing on one or two day-to-day work history elements and the bulk of the content focusing on specific accomplishments or responsibilities unique to you and you alone.  Typically, three to seven lines for the three most recent positions will suffice.  For position beyond the last three, one to three lines are appropriate.

In the Professional Development section, list professionally relevant training, certifications and training.  Do Not List personal development, volunteerism or other items of personal interest.  Finally, complete the resume by highlighting your educational background.

By following this simple but concise structure for information technology resume writing, you will be able to position yourself as a qualified candidate any organization would want to interview.

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