As the job market becomes more competitive and with fewer job openings available, free resume critiques can be one way to make sure your resume is hitting the mark.  Let’s discuss in further detail why free resume critiques are worth your time and effort.

As a general rule, most job seekers are not comfortable writing about themselves.  They either lack the confidence or know-how regarding appropriate professional resume writing strategies.  As such, they tend to produce resumes that either under-sell, over-sell or simply lack the professional touch necessary to get them noticed.  This is where free resume critiques can be helpful in properly identify areas of weakness and the corrective actions necessary to better position yourself versus the competition.

Typically, free resume critques find between 2-5 areas of weakness requiring immediate corrective action.  These areas of weakness can cover a wide variety of issues but the most common ones include lack of consistent formatting, passive sentance structure inclusion, task versus result based presentation, spelling/grammar issues and overly generalized content.  Weaknesses such as these found within your resume will generally make you a less desirable candidate than candidates who have taken the time to correct these items in advance.

By having free resume critques performed on your resume or cover letter, you are getting professional, third-party insight on the corrective actions necessary to make a marginal resume more impactful.  This in turn will increase resume visability, secure more interview opportunities and result in increased employment potential.  However, it is important to remember that before you have your resume critiqued, you need to qualify the reviewer to make sure they have the skills and credentials necessary to provide you with a credible assessment.

In the end and for minimal time investment, free resume critiques offer cost free and value added insight regarding resume enhancement strategies that will get your candidacy noticed.  As such, it is worth the time to have a credible resume service provide you with free resume critques that will better position you moving forward.

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