I am often asked by executive level clients, “Is it more beneficial to author executive resumes that are detailed in nature or quick-hitting and to the point?” While there is no definitive answer to this question, the overwhelming opinion I receive from executive level recruiters and hiring decision-makers is, “executive resumes that are Quick-hitting and to the point are more beneficial”. Here’s why.

Whether you are a company President, Vice President, Chief Operating Officer or other senior level executive, your basic day-to-day operational and executive management responsibilities are similar to that of your counterparts. What makes the executive in question unique are their specific accomplishments. As such, when writing an executive resume, the resume writer should focus only on those items that show a level of accomplishment or achievement. By focusing on the quantitative, the executive resume writer is in reality branding the executive as a high level achiever that has the forethought to cite specific executive level accomplishments that makes their candidacy standout. Essentially, the executive resume becomes a finely structured marketing document focusing only on quantified accomplishments as opposed to task based responsibilities. This type of laser focus is crucial in developing a successful executive resume that garners the attention of its reader.

We all know that in today’s job market, there can be hundreds of candidates for any given position. In the executive world, the ratio of positions to available candidates can be even higher. With this in mind, it’s important to remember that Shorter Can Be Better when writing an executive resume, but only when you quantify your accomplishments in a highly structured and well thought out manner.

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