There are hundreds, if not thousands of executive resume writing services in the market place.  With such an abundance of choices, how do you determine which of these executive resume writing services will provide you with the most effective resume product.  The answer is to briefly interview the executive resume writing services you are considering to see if they pass the 20 second test.

Right now, most of you are thinking, how do I determine in 20 seconds if the executive resume writing services I am considering will produce a quality product?  Actually, we are not talking about knowing in 20 seconds whether you are considering the right executive resume writing service.   We are talking about whether the executive resume writer can tell you about how they are going to prepare your resume to capture a reader’s attention in 20 seconds.  With that in mind, let’s explore this topic further.

Generally, initial resume screeners, whether they are a recruiter or corporate human resource professional,  receive anywhere from 50 to 200 resumes for an individual posting or client engagement.  With that volume of resumes sitting in their In-Box, they cannot possible give each resume its due consideration.  In order to capture someone’s attention quickly and effectively, the executive resume needs to convey the proper message and wording in a very short, well-packaged narrative.  This is where the 20 second test comes into play.

While interviewing the specific executive resume writing service you are considering, the first and most important question you need to ask is, “How are you going to package my information to concisely brand myself and make the reader notice me within a 20 second timeframe.  While the answers may vary from service to service, the general response should be utilization of an executive branding statement, an executive summary section and/or use of an Areas of Expertise section.

These starting points within the executive resume allow the writer to establish your credentials, highlight your capabilities and/or experiences and provide a brand narrative that separates you from the competition.  If written properly by a competent executive resume writing service, there should be enough information and detail offered within a 20 second read that the reader will be compelled to continue through the rest of the resume.  Once the decision is made to continue reading, there is an approximate 75% chance you will get an initial interview opportunity.

Remember, once you have made the decision to invest in executive resume writing services, you need to make sure the resume writer can tell you how they will make you stand-out within 20 seconds of an initial read.  If they cannot tell you how they are going to accomplish this task, they are most likely not the right executive resume writing service for your needs.

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