Executive resume writing can be a daunting task for many individuals as there are numerous moving parts  that need to be considered. One key element that is commonly overlooked in executive resume writing is proper resume formatting. While many times formatting is an after thought, it really should be given due consideration when writing an executive level resume. Let’s discuss why this is important.

Properly formatting your resume should be a key area of focus for any executive resume writing project.  To many initial executive resume reviewers, the structure and presentation of the document says as much about the candidate as the content itself.  Candidates that can not only put words to paper, but can present that information in a well-structured and consistent format are much more likely to get interviews than those who haphazardly put content on to a page.  Why is that the case?  It is simply because most professionals and executives will gravitate to documents that show a highly level of professional preparation and consistency.  If a candidate can show on paper their capability to produce highly structured documents, then most likely their thought and decision-making processes when making real world business decisions will also be highly structured and consistent.  These traits are desirable for just about any executive level candidate and they are certainly what most companies desire in an executive level professional.

You are probably now asking yourself, “If formatting is so important, what format should I use?”   That is a great question without a definitive answer.  As most people know, there are thousands of ways to format a resume.  Some are better than others but at the end of the day the important thing to remember is no matter what format you use, make sure you keep it consistent throughout the document. This means keeping wording in one font, the sub-headings consistent in form and the layout symetrical throughout the entire resume. Don’t over think the resume by having multiple fonts/font sizes, adding in italics or bolding (unless using for the sub-headings), changing formatting mid-document, etc. because you think it will garner additional attention.  In many cases, this becomes a turn-off to the reader and you may acutally be hurting your candidacy more than helping.

Long story short, executive resume writing should focus on consistent formatting and information presentation.  By focusing your efforts on these focal points, you will significantly enhance your resumes presentation and overall candidacy.  As always, remember that a resume is a professional marketing document and those that package and present the best will usually be in the forefront for interview opportunities.

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